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    Come on, Frank. The album.

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    You don’t always get to see the results.


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    "Here’s Johnny" by Andrew Valko

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    Tavi Gevinson in Nylon Magazine October 2014

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  • Rita Lino’s family project shows her old family photos with deceased members cut out

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    never loved a gif so much

    this is kinda creepy tho

    The story behind this painting is very interesting, though.  The artist’s mother was very sick, so the house was always filled a suffocating silence.  This painting depicts him wanting to scream, but having to be silent, hence the anguished expression.  In the whole painting you see figures in the background, one of which is his sister.

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  • B. Desvarieux, You’re Tearing Me Apart © (Please do not remove source)

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  • "

    You said you didn’t want to break my heart,

    But here I am trying my best not to fall apart